Q: What makes BarOlympic different from other Companies?

A: We offer a fully modular range of stainless steel bar units. Our bars are preassembled and tested in our workshop. One of the best things regarding BarOlympic units is that the units can be moved around to suit last minute design changes. Our units are freestanding or you can use them to hold the bar fascia and counter top. Best of all - BarOlympic work in partnership with you from initial concept to years down the line when you make another order with us!

Q: What is the process leading to a bar being designed ?

A: Initial consultation with the client to determine the primary function of the bar and to obtain any design criteria that may have been decided upon. This information is forwarded to our design team who will interpret the clients desires and produce both 2D and 3D drawings to be issued to the client. Any amendments to the design are agreed and re-drawn. Once the client is satisfied we will quote based on the final drawing.

Q: Do you do site visits?

A: We know as a Company how important every job is- if you would prefer to have a site visit as you’re not sure yourself what you would like or have no plans- We can have a member of our sales team come out to see you. They will take measurements and go through any specifications you may have and go through options with their bar experience.

Q: Can you give me a ballpoint figure for a bar?

A: We are asked this a lot and the answer is no. To price a bar we would need the bar dimensions. Once we have these we design the bar based on your specification. The price varies as we take into consideration your units, bar fronts and tops.

Q: How much are your units?

A: Our units range from as little as £119.00 to £1001.00.

Q: What options do you give for bar fronts?

A: We mainly use laminated wood, Perspex, Stainless Steel, Corian or composite materials; however, however, if you can imagine it, we can make it!

Q: What options for bar tops?

A: We can use wood, Stainless Steel, Corian or composite materials, however, if there is something else you wish to have on top- then please ask us. Our aim at BarOlympic is to realise the dream with you.

Q: Do you only specialise in straight bars?

A: Not at all - we specialise in not just straight bars but revolving or circular bars, island bars, irregular shapes- whatever your design or idea BarOlympic will create it.

Q: I like the standard idea - What makes it so different from your other ranges?

A: The standard range supports the bar top and front panels and provides easy access to services. The tops and fronts can be changed easily and effectively should your bar require a fresh look.

Q: I like the idea of the mobile range. How are the units connected?

A: We can connect the units together by two ways:

  • We can provide you with joint plates that go onto each connecting unit which enables the unit to stay together. To dismantle - just take the joint plate off- its as simple as that!
  • We can attach clips to the bottom of the units. All you do is clip them to keep the units together and unclip to dissemble or change order of the units.

Q: Can you supply other equipment included in our bar specifications?

A: We can supply you with the refrigeration, glass and dish washers,and much more if you would prefer to go through just one company for all your bar needs..

Q: What standard sizes do your units come in?

A: We have 4 standard width sizes: 375mm, 680mm, 985mm and 1260mm. However we can customise units if need be.

Q: Do we get all accessories for the bar?

A: When a quotation is completed you will notice that we price all accessories for the units and joining the bar. Our units are preassembled in our workshop before they are wrapped up and delivered to you. We also enclose drawings of the bar layout attached to the units so you know the order of your units.

Q: I need a Stainless Steel prep area - can you manufacture?

A: Most of our units come with a Stainless Steel top or we can place a Plain Top Bridge on the top if you need a small prep service. If this is too small - then please look at our Wall Bench collection in the fabrication part of the website for a larger prep area.

Q: How do your mobile sink units work if plumbing is not available?

A: Our mobile sink units have an integral water and waste system. We provide you with a sink unit with 2 doors on the bottom. Enclosed are two 20 litre reservoirs – one for clean water, and the other for dirty. Also available are sink units with integrated water heaters to allow hot and cold running water (provided a mains connection is available).

Q: Do you do installation of bars?

A: We can install the bar for you - all we ask is that you ensure that the site area has been completed - especially the floor! If you would like us to install the bar- then please ask when you submit your plans for quotation.

Q: I already have BarOlympic units in my bar but one of the unit need replacing- the unit is not connected to the bar top. Which range of unit do I need?

A: If the unit is not connected to the bar top and has no wheels- then you would need a unit out of the standard range. All you need to do is tell us what the unit is - remove the old one and wait for the new one to be delivered and slide in the gap- it is as simple as that!

Q: How long is the waiting time for a bar to be manufactured to delivery?

A: This all depends on the size of the bar and how much work we have in the workshop at that time. We tell all our customers that the lead time is 3-4 weeks. However, if you need the bar to be completed quicker - please call us and we will let you know if this is achievable.

Q: Can I open an account with your Company and what is the preferred method of payment?

A: For your first order we would ask that you pay on proforma - you can either pay the full amount either by cheque or by BACS or you can initially pay 50% to get the bar started for manufacture. We will not release the goods until full payment has been made. If full payment is prompt then you can open an account with us for your second order - this is at head office discretion.

Q: What kind of after service care do you provide?

A: We have engineers that can attend for a moderate cost or if required we can supply maintenance contracts.

Q: Can I lease a bar?

A: As most of our bars are modular and portable, and retain value, leasing is an option.

Q: Can I fit these units as a DIY project?

A: Yes. With a little care, units can be easily assembled depending on complexity of top and front panels.

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