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Stainless steel hygienic, attractive, rugged construction to withstand the tough environment created behind a busy bar area by dedicated staff. Easy to clean and maintenance free, the range is designed to suit individual requirements, and can be modified easily due to modular construction. The modular stainless approach is now the benchmark to excellent construction of the modern trendy bars.


The bar area must be attractive, storage spaces must be planned and maximise area available with proper capacity and different product and serving utensils. To enable speed and efficiency in operation and to maximise bar persons efforts to provide satisfaction to customers with minimum effort expended. Bar masters use one pace method to minimise effort and maximise efficiency, all equipment should be located in this area. Each bar station can be modularly replicated to suit area of operation.

Typical bar Station

  • Glass Storage
  • Sink/Blender Station
  • Till
  • Ice Well
  • Top loading bottle cooler
  • Bottle skip
  • Waste Bin

Ultimately a good bar master will work with a well stocked ice well with speed rail and condiment containers. At one hand a slops sink incorporating a blender station and to the other hand a glass storage/feeder. Between each bar station a shared till stand with bottle skip fitted. Sinks will have waste bin fitted underneath in unit. Depending on style of bar space and volume of operation the units used will be specified to meet specific needs. Where alterations are required to meet changing demands the modular type systems can simply be rearranged in house.

The other bits

In addition to the main production side of the bar you also need the wash up area. This is an area that is sometimes neglected at the design stage, but is equally important in the overall scheme. A good quality glass washer, glass wash basket rack and sink, with preparation and clearing area above. We often specify a glass washer with integrated water softener where space is at a premium. With ice being such an important part of any bar the need for a good size ice well requires a high output ice machine to keep up with demand. Although small under counter ice machines can be sighted behind the bar we would prefer to have a high volume machine away from the area and then keep large ice wells stocked regularly.


This area is a little more straightforward incorporating predominantly front-loading bottle coolers available with hinged or sliding doors. You can, for a very busy outlet have straight through coolers which can then be stocked from behind. Above the bottle coolers is where the designer needs to come into play as aesthetically this can be the make or break visually. When planning this side with the architect or designer the same rules as above apply, understanding the style of operation and type of drinks. Practicality is important but style and design is paramount making sure that the look is achieved. In addition to the liquor displayed you need to incorporate a coffee station, storage space and cupboards for a music system, computer terminal, chemicals and general day to day clutter giving the bar a clean and sharp look.

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